Amenities - Other Facilities


  Our school offers numbers of facilities for the development of the students. Others facilities available for the students are as follows:-


  Class Room:-

                                      The school currently has 13 class room.


Comptuer Lab:-

                                         The school has computer training infrastructure available for computer training . Details of equipments available are as under :-


          (a)     Computers        -

           (b)     Printers            -

           (c)     Xerox Machine   

            (d).      Smart class


Science Lab:- 

                                     The school has a science lab with all equipments.


Dining Hall :-

                                     The school has a dining hall which caters for Mid Day Meal for all students in the school. Dinner for students residing at Hostel.


Medical Facilities :-

                                              Free medical checkups and treatment facility for both students and their parents.