Admission Procedure


Admission Procedure- 


  Every new people seeking admission will be give a test or interview as per guidelines laid down by J&K Edn Board. It is desirable that the parent or guardian be present at the time of admission.


Fee Structure-


   The fee structure has been revised to provide good edn to poor students as a nominal fee, subject to periodic revision by the school management Committee.


    (a)  Admission Fee          -   Rs 100/- (Non refundable).

      (b)  security Charges      -   Rs 100/- (Non refundable).

      (c)  Annual Charges          - Rs  100/- (Non refundable).

       (d) Tuition fees :- 


                  (i)  Boys                    -   Rs 200/- (Upto Class V).

                                                          -   Rs  250/- (Class Vl to Vlll).

                  (ii) Girls                     -   Rs  100/-  (Up to Class V).

                                                                 -  Rs  150/-  (Class Vl to Vlll).




                                  No Charge