Activities - Co Curricular Activities

Personalitly Development

Public Speeches-


(a) Regular speeches by the students of all the classes are being conducted by the school for upliftment of their confidence and oratory skills.


(b) Regular lecture by the teachers and Army Officers for personality development.


Activities- Co-curricular Activities

Co-curriculum/ Mise Activities:-


       Sports and physical edn from part of the daily scheduled of the school. Students under supervision of the games teachers/Sports NCO use all existing facilities. In addn to routine activities, various entertainment activities are also org for students from time to time . Apart from above various cultural and misc activities have also been carried out:-


  1.     Annual Day celebration.
  2.    Republic Day celebration.
  3.    Independence Day celobration.
  4.    Drawing Competition.
  5.    Debate Competition.
  6.    Picnic.
  7.    Skit Competition.
  8.    Teachers Day celebration.
  9.    Children's Day Celebration.
  10.    Swachh Bharat