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Education Policy

 Education Policy-Other than fundamental education AGS Bogdang will aslo conduct addl specilialized education related to :-



(a)   Computer education incl internet access.


 (b)   Aspects of Human Rights and child Rights.

  Computer Edn - This will be conducted in accordance with objs guidelines of the CBSE Pattern books. Students will be trained in the basic computer operation incl internet before they pass out from the school.


Human Rights and Child Rights Edn.-  These aspects will be taught to children of class IV and higher classes. These rights will be taught in a balanced manner keeping in view of the sociio cultural background of the students. The Human Rights and Child Rights Edn classes will be interactive & demonstrative. The aspects to be covered is given below-


(a)   The seven Freedoms-


  • (i)   Freedom of life and liberty.
  • (ii)  Freedom to determinatioin of gender race and religion.
  • (iii) Freedom from greed for high standard of living.
  • (iV) Freedom to realize and develop one's human potential.
  • (V)  Freedom for fear of threat, torture, arbitrary arrest and violence.
  • (Vi) Freedom from justice and violation of the frle of the law.
  • (Vii) Freedom of thought and speech to participate in decision making and to form associations for betterment of the society.


(b)  Human right and Child right education-


  • (i)  No discrimination against children.
  • (ii)  The right of the child to live survives and develop.
  • (iii)  The right of the child to express views freely in all matters affecting him or her.





Play Group I 50
Nursery I 33
LKG I 27
UKG I 25
1st I 19
2nd I 16
3rd I 25
4th I 16
5th I 19
6th (a) II 22
6th (b) I 17
7th I 13
8th I 22
  • Academic session period from 01 Nov 2017 to 31 Oct 2018.
  • Vacation period from 15 Dec 2017 to 28 feb 2018
  • Admission period from 01 Nov 2017 to 31 Mar 2018